Webinar series: Strategic Governance Insights

Theme: Formalities in focus

‘Formalities in focus’ the latest installment in our “Strategic Governance Insights” series, designed to empower board members, executives, and governance professionals with the knowledge and strategies needed to excel. This engaging webinar will explore the intricate world of boardroom formalities, focusing on the essential procedures, protocols, and practices that shape successful governance. 

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During the 'Formalities in Focus' webinar, you'll be provided with:

Deep dive into formalities

What can we expect, different responsibilities and the future of formalities.

best practices

Best practices and examples for your board's needs and macro demands.

navigating challenges

Leave the webinar with an action plan that you can apply the next day in your organization.

Our Webinars 2024

6th April: Strategy

We dive into the topic of strategy. It all starts in the boardroom! How can the board lead the way and make their strategy work the core of the company?

6th May: Formalities

Formalities might seem like an easy aspect of governance, yet many board's don't fully understand the importance of having proper protocols for formalities.

10th June: Chairperson

What is the role of the chairperson? Let's dive into the topic of what responsibilites and duties that fall on the chairperson, and respective board member.

More dates to be announced...

Meet your webinar leader:
Givi Kokaia

Givi is a CEO and partner with over 10 years of experience in business development with a focus on strategy, processes and digitalisation. He is an inspiring leader who creates participation and ensures that development is driven in a positive and effective spirit In recent years, Givi has placed a strong focus on corporate governance and has assisted several boards and management teams in their work.